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As of writing, there's only two different country versions of Disney XD left in Europe and that's Disney XD Netherlands and Disney XD Poland, there might actually be a very good reason for this though, both aren't completely owned by Disney and have complex legal arrangements involving different companies. Also as of writing, Disney+ has yet to launch in Poland.

The Reason

Disney XD Poland is 20% owned by AMC Networks (which was acquired from when they bought Chellomedia from Liberty Global/UPC), which means Disney will need to notify AMC to close the channel, or for Disney to buy AMC's share. Disney XD Poland is also incorporated in the Isle of Man as a different limited company to handle the unique shareholding arrangement. Disney XD Poland Ltd has existed since late 1997 (as Fox Kids Poland Ltd and then Jetix Poland Ltd) and was established just before Fox Kids Poland launched in April 1998, with Wizja TV's (of which was bought by UPC) original owner At Entertainment owning the 20% in the company.[1]

Disney in the Netherlands has a similarly complex arrangement with TV10 B.V. (aka the joint venture of Disney's Disney XD Netherlands and Talpa Network's Veronica), both channels operate on a shared broadcast licence as both channel timeshare.[2] Disney XD Netherlands is also a free-to-air channel. The TV10 B.V. joint venture dates all the way back to the existence of Fox Kids (then rebranded as Jetix) in the Netherlands. Talpa Network is currently in the process of being taken over by RTL's (Radio Television Luxembourg) Dutch division, it's likely after the merger has been formally completed that Disney XD will close.[3]