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There were plans to launch Jetix in Portugal in 2006, but it never actually launched.[1] the proposed channel even had a UK based Ofcom broadcasting licence which means it had legal clearance to broadcast from and in the UK and at time the EU, including its intended market - Portugal. The broadcast licence was issued in April 2005 and was handed back in July 2009. The summer of 2009 was when Disney was transitioning Jetix in Europe to Disney XD in country/region markets where Disney Channel already exists and to launch Disney Channel in countries where it wasn't already available.

Fox Kids/Jetix was unusual as it focused more on localisation than most international kids channels and Portugal was pretty much the only main country in Western Europe where it wasn't available. Instead of a channel, there were plans for a programming block, or distribute its programming piecemeal to terrestrial Portuguese broadcasters via Disney's distribution division - Buena Vista International Television.